The Brockville Theatre Guild is holding auditions for the Fall production, It Runs in the Family.

Directed by Mary Wonnacott-Styles
Produced by Jeneatha Oxley

Runs November 17 – 18 at the Brockville Arts Centre 

Auditions are being held Sunday May 7 6:30-9pm / Monday May 8 6:30-9pm / Wednesday May 10 6:30-9pm. 

First come, first seen. Please sign audition sheet when you enter. Enter through the door at the west side of the Brockville Arts Centre (253 King St W).

Sides available on request. Contact Director Mary Wonnacott-Styles at

The BTG is proud to boast being the 2nd oldest theatre company in Ontario!  Having recently celebrated our 80th year of existence, we have produced over 200 shows in our illustrious career!

About Us

The BTG produces one MAINSTAGE production each year. Annual Dinner Theatres provide a great “taste” of our talents in a smaller venue. We often encourage new members to direct one-act plays for these dinner theatres — it’s also a fabulous opportunity for our actors to get “up close and personal”  with their audiences in a friendly and enjoyable setting.

In 1933, Dr. J. L. (Jack) Carroll decided it was time that the “St. Peter’s Players” should become The Theatre Guild of Brockville. Back in those days, we were the only show in town!  Membership was $2.00 a year! Membership today isn’t that much more!  Check out our “membership” link for more information. Back in the day, we spent our time performing readings and productions and attending seminars conducted by local historians and travellers at Commonwealth Public School and The Collegiate (now known as Brockville Collegiate Institute).

When the city of Brockville acquired The Civic Auditorium (now known as The Brockville Arts Centre, King Street West), the Brockville Theatre Guild had a larger stage on which to produce their presentations.

Thanks to a devoted team of volunteers and fund raisers, 1983 saw the opening of the Musi-Theatre Building – a facility attached to the BAC which now houses all of our costumes, props and sets. It also has provided the BTG members with a venue for rehearsal.

We thank all of our devoted members – past and present – for their support.  If you are new to town, or interested in becoming a member of the BTG, we would WELCOME you with open arms!  Contact us at: and we will be in touch!

Coming Events

The Brockville Theatre Guild’s AGM will be June 22nd, 6:30 p.m. At the Musitheatre


Past Shows

The Odd Couple Poster